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Favicon EU’s New Strict Stablecoin Regulation, Effective...

The EU’s MiCA stablecoin regulations cap the number of transactions at one million and the daily value at €200 million, effective June 30. TakeAwa...   •   2 weeks ago
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Favicon Coinbase sues SEC and FDIC over Freedom of Informa...

Coinbase is going on the offensive after the SEC and FDIC denied information requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act.   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon Crypto’s Integration With Social Media Will Shif...

HodlX Guest Post  Submit Your Post   The direct integration of cryptocurrency payment methods into social media platforms is poised to revolutioniz...   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon Blast token price slips after airdrop as some hold...

Blast token price dropped by over 6% on Wednesday after the developers distributed 17% of its supply to users who farmed points by staking ether earli...   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon Scammers target crypto exchanges with fake stablec...

Blockchain security analysts are urging crypto exchanges to scrutinize deposits closely as malicious actors escalate efforts to flood them with fake t...   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon ZRO Trades At $1.1B Market Cap After LayerZero Lau...

Claims for LayerZero’s airdrop went live at 7 a.m. ET on Friday.   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon Bitcoin Treasury Firm DeFi Technologies Claps Back...

The company’s hot stock saw a 35% correction after a crypto newsletter claimed its gains were unjustified.   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon APhone Launches Web3 App Store To Compete With App...

APhone’s AppNest store won’t charge fees to developers.   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon GameStop Meme Coin on Solana Plummets as GME Fever...

As the hype surrounding the return of Roaring Kitty fades, the Solana meme coin GME has plunged.   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon The RWA solution to a surging $50 billion industry...

$87.81 billion.  That’s how large the global trade finance market is projected to grow by 2031—nearly double its 2022 valuation.&...   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon Runway's New Gen-3 AI Video Generator Dra...

A preview of Runway's next-generation tool is described as smooth, realistic, and “better than Sora.”   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon Decentralized science is modernizing outdated syst...

The transformative potential of decentralized science resides in its ability to realign incentives and democratize access to funding and knowledge.   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon SEC Now Demands $102.6 Million Penalty From Ripple...

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is now pursuing a $102.6 million penalty from Ripple, a substantial reduction from the nearly $2 bil...   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon Innovative Block Size Upgrade Takes Spotlight at B...

Following the BCH Bliss conference, a focal event for Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts held May 14-15 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Jonathan Silverblood introduced ...   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon 5 Top Crypto ICOs to Rocket in 2024: Launch Your P...

If you’re scouting for wealth among leading crypto ICOs, BlockDAG is your golden ticket. With its innovative mining approach and a c...   •   4 weeks ago
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