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Favicon Presidential hopefuls are getting louder on crypto...

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as one of the more popular topics in the early days of the 2024 US Presidential election, but the trend might not last t...   •   2 days ago
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Favicon Crypto funding: Startups raise $115M across gaming...

As the summer season officially concludes this Saturday, the outlook for crypto fundraising appears promising heading into the fall.\n\n\n\nEleven cry...   •   2 days ago
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Favicon Saiba tudo sobre a Toncoin (TON), moeda nativa da ...

Em 2018, a plataforma de mensagens Telegram lançou um white paper para uma blockchain de camada 1 que chamou de Telegram Open Network (TON).\n\n\n\nA...   •   2 days ago
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Favicon Coinbase Holds Nearly 1 Million BTC, a new report ...

\nKey Takeaways\n\n\n\n\nCoinbase’s holding accounts for roughly 5% of the total Bitcoin in circulation\n\n\n\nThe exchange itself directly owns onl...   •   3 days ago
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Favicon ApeCoin Community To Acquire Top NFTs Through New ...

New DAO Will Be Seeded With 750,000 APE Tokens   •   3 days ago
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Favicon OpenSea API Users Warned of Third-Party Security B...

Customers who connect online services to the NFT marketplace are told to swap out their keys.   •   3 days ago
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Favicon Coinbase CEO Calls for Deregulation of Artificial ...

Brian Armstrong says passing laws \   •   3 days ago
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Favicon Crypto hiring: Galaxy Digital doubles down on Euro...

There’s a lot to catch up on from this week when it comes to professional moves across the industry. \n\n\n\nGalaxy Digital appointed Leon ...   •   3 days ago
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Favicon Eclipse takes a ‘best of all worlds’ approach ...

If you can’t beat them, join them. Like, all of them.\n\n\n\nIn the fierce battle for the scalability trilemma crown, Solana, Ethereum and their acc...   •   3 days ago
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Favicon Como os ativos tokenizados (RWA) podem ser usados ...

Há um fenômeno que vem ganhando destaque no mundo das finanças e que, nos últimos anos, tem aberto novos horizontes para investidores de criptoati...   •   3 days ago
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Favicon Bitcoin Bull Market Support Band Is At Resistance ...

The Bitcoin Bull Market Support Band shows the price is facing resistance, with a potential drop to $26k. Bitcoin\'s current cycle is compared to...   •   3 days ago
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Favicon Nansen Suffers Security Breach: Nearly 7% of User ...

\nKey takeaways:\n\n\n\n\nNansen announced on social media platform X that a security issue at one of its third-party vendors affected 6.8% of its mem...   •   4 days ago
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Favicon Whales Boost ARB Token When Continuously Accumulat...

According to data from on-chain, whales boost ARB token with recent accumulation activities. Their continuous accumulation of the ARB token, even afte...   •   4 days ago
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Favicon Uniswap: Sellers extend control, is a new low like...

Sellers extended the bearish control on Uniswap’s price chart, despite the bullish attempt to rally after a break below the $4.3 support.   •   4 days ago
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Favicon Bitcoin Holding Above $26K Is ‘Remarkable’ as ...

The 200-week and 200-day moving averages converge at $27,800, acting as an obstacle to further BTC price gains.   •   4 days ago
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