2018 was a complex year in the world of cryptocurrencies.
There were huge news; technology has evolved, new opportunities for gain, new start-ups.
Opportunities were not lacking yesterday and not even today; 2019 promises to be full of rich news like the one we are going to present now: SnL TOKEN.

Everyone knows that the world of sports and games in general is a multi-billion dollar business a year, and constantly growing.
Sports and Leisure industry market is very huge, online sports information and community is now the largest application scenarios for users while sports IP and betting are the best ways to achieve and income in the sports industry.
There are many interesting projects like SnL TOKEN that have the potential to become a standard for millions of gamers, but let's try to understand what it is.

BSnL Token

When we talk about SnL TOKEN, a project in the pre-ICO phase, we try to see the general picture of the characteristics and opportunities for gain in the medium and long term.
SNL is a digitally encrypted virtual currency based on blockchain and smart contract technology that is tailored to sports content, community-based incentives and spending on different scenarios.

SnL TOKEN an Ethereum reliable tool for a wide range of investors and because SnL are 100% collateralized by Ethereum, token holders can be sure that is an ETH is always ready to be transferred to their wallets across the world.
SNL is a non-refundable functional utility token that will be used as a unit of exchange between participants on the All SnL Token Platforms.

Other reasons to pay attention to SnL?

  • Safe Haven to park assets away from volatility
  • Reserve Currency from the operations on the cryptocurrency market
  • To diversify and mitigate risks that counterparties (exchanges) and the cryptocurrency market may be done during periods of high volatility
  • Means of Payments: for payments of services and goods
  • For secure and legal conversion of cryptocurrency assets into Fiat money
  • To invest in other projects on a par with the most popular cryptocurrencies

In these cases, talking about ICO is always a sensitive topic, but SnL TOKEN has characteristics that require attention, not only for what concerns the use of the currency crypto, but can offer a trustless system that allows the makers to set their own odds, be guaranteed to be paid out when they win, and to dispose resolved through a proprietary marketplace voting system.

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