MobiLink Coin ICO

Telecommunication is the one of the largest single industry in the world with over 6 Trillion Dollars in revenue annually.
It has continu-ously been evolving towards a direction of centralization.
If not disrupted with Blockchain technology, it will result in power and resource distribution in the hands of a few.



MOBILINK-Network will provide its users with unlimited voice and data services while eliminating all monthly fees.
Revenues generated from digital mobile Ads shown on the users phone will be used to cover the costs of their monthly service.

Users are shipped a SIM card to place in their unlocked smart phone, MOBILINK-Network uses an unique algorithm based on Blockchain technology to calculate Proof of Work.

There are almost 5 billion smartphone users and over 8 billion smartphones in circulation today worldwide that use voice, text and data.
The average monthly cost per smartphone is approximately $30USD a month per user.
Revenues of over $240 Billion USD annually come from mobile voice/data services.

Advertisers spent an estimated $122 Billion USD on mobile digital advertising in 2017 and projected to reach over $350 billion after 2021.
Thus advertising revenues will greatly surpass mobile voice & data service revenues in the future.

How Does the MOBILINK Network Work?

MOBILINK-Network has direct and indirect interconnections in over 170 countries.

MOBILINK-Network via its MOBILINK-COIN will make available International Mobile SIM cards that can be used worldwide on any unlocked smartphone with unlimited voice and data services worldwide at zero ($0) cost to the user.

Investors will receive 1 MOBI-SIM card per $300 USD invested into MOBILINK-COIN ICO.

Eliminate your monthly bill and instead, earn between $40USD to $250USD monthly in MOBILINK-COINS.

MOBILINK-COIN is based on ERC20, with an advanced smart contract algorithm that will calculate your usage and ad views; as a result MOBI-SIM Owners have an earning machine that will earn MOBILINK-Coins daily, while eliminating your mobile monthly bill.

MOBI-COINS can be used to transfer funds, remittances, make payments, trade, B2C, B2B commerce, etc...

MOBI-COINS are part of the MOBILINK-Network Ecosystem, and each MOBILINK-COIN will become more valuable as the Coin activity increases.
Mobilink-Coin has direct and indirect partnership agreements with all the major telecom carriers and digital advertising companies worldwide.
The Mobilink Advertising Platform will be implemented on the MOBILINK-Network, allowing advertising to be injected at the ISP level.

Why invest in MobiLink-Coin

  1. Telecom Industry size, annual revenue & growth potential
  2. Our secure global telecom network in over 170 countries
  3. Valuable service & great ROI for a small or large investment
  4. Secure & private Investment
  5. Easy to implement and extremely appeal-able

Main Features & Benefits for Mobilink-Coin Holders:

Mobilink Network via its interconnections with global mobile carriers, allows MOBI-SIM users to use voice & data services for free on your smartphone.
Mobilink Ad-Platform directs Ads via MOBI-SIM’s to show on your smartphone, and in turn creating a PoW system that lets you earn MOBILINK-COINS.

Mobilink will also issue a Mobilink MasterCard to.
You can transfer your MOBI-COINS to your Mobilink Mastercard and you can use it anywhere where MasterCard is accepted at any shop or ATM machine worldwide.

Mobilink will have a desktop, android and iOS MOBILINK-WALLET App and MOBILINK-EXCHANGE where you can instantly exchange up to 50 crypto-currencies within your MOBILINK-WALLET.
You can track, transfer, save, spend, exchange and manage your MOBI-COINS seamlessly.

You continuously generate MOBILINK-COINS on a weekly basis, and you can transfer your MOBILINK-COINS into your Mobilink Mastercard.

Mobilink’s infrastructure is solid and has partnerships with established telecom partners worldwide.


MobiLink Coin Informations

  • Total Supply: 9 Billion, 9,000,000,000
  • Token Value: $0.10 USD
  • Total Amount of Cpins Available for this ICO: 3.1 Billion (3,100,000,000)
  • Minimum Investment: 3000 Mobilink-Coins: Equivalent to $300 USD
  • Minimum Investment to qualify for 1 Mobilink-SIM Card: $300 USD
  • Private Sale: Raise $10 Million USD, 200 Million Mobilink-Coins
  • Pre-ICO Sale: Raise $36 Million USD, 600 Million Mobilink-Coins
  • ICO Sale 1st Round: $96 Million USD, 1.12 Billion Mobilink-Coins
  • ICO Sale 2nd Round: $98 Million USD, 1.18 Billion Mobilink-Coins


  • Dec-20-2017: Private ICO Sale: 33% Bonus
  • Jan-15-2018: Pre-ICO Sale: 25% Bonus
  • Jan-30-2018: ICO Sale 1st Round: 20% Bonus
  • Feb-12-2018: ICO Sale 2nd Round: 10% Bonus

Wallet & Exchange Platform

Mobilink Network provides you with a smart phone APP or android and iOS. With the exchange app you would be able to exchange all of the top 50 crypto currencies.

Mobilink Smart MasterCard

Mobilink believes in providing you with a coin that provides you maximum facilities and is acceptable wherever you go, with MasterCard peer to peer payment system will allow you to perform your transactional activities at your ease without additional costs.

Given the clear trend, MOBILINK-Network and MOBILINKCOIN will build a digital ecosystem for the future. Mobilink-Coin will allow its token holders to make peer to peer payment from any place of the world securely, anonymously and without any limitation.

The MOBILINK-COIN Pre-ICO sale is slated to begin on 15 January 2018 while the ICO will be launched on January 30th, 2018 by our enter-prise level team.

Please check the MOBILINK-COIN website ( for the latest information.