Goal Bonanza Gamification

Acquisition and Conservation Platform: Goal Bonanza

GoalBonanza,is created a gamification platform, integrated into the game's core mechanics, that will encourage players to perform various activities and tasks, but ultimately to continue playing.
The gamification platform will exploit players' basic desires and needs, and take advantage of their natural desire for competition, realization, status, recognition, and collaboration. Goal Bonanza will increase the commitment of users by rewarding them when they complete the tasks they choose.

Rewards which include badges and tokens this will serve to enhance status by showcasing their talents, expertise, and achievements.
As players place bet and make predictions, they move to the Veteran level and unlock different offers, token bonuses, new account features, and new features. Thou Players can win tokens, create communities and make friends, challenge their friends or other players to bet on a football game, gets challenges from friends and others players, unblock an advanced notification system and receive signals when their favorite team is available. Bet, when their highest competitor has placed a chance, they receive notifications on open football matches for bets with the highest pot and much more.
Advanced players will be able to follow the best bettors, follow their predictions, and veteran-level players will be able to participate in special power games with great generosity for the winners.

Players will also be able to unlock the referral program and earn one token for each referee who will reach the professional level.
Can you imagine the excitement that this type of game would create in a football gambling market that lacks reform and a breath of fresh air and offers unattractive chances? We see an opportunity to innovate and disrupt an industry with annual sales of $ 3 trillion. People like to play football, and we have made it our mission to make soccer, even more, fun and exciting.
In this way, we will create a formidable force of Goal Bonanza supporters who will promote the game and stimulate the acquisition of new players.

In 66.1% of all football scores in the first four leagues in the last 126 years, no club has scored more than two goals. This represents a total of 9 results. Statistically, in 33.9% of games played, at least one team scored three goals or more. Although this is not impossible, it would be challenging to predict the final score on 49 options. We decided to adjust the odds and grouped merely this 33.9 % in Bonanza as the 10th result of our model. That's how Goal Bonanza was invented.

Today, you cannot bet a dollar on a football match for maybe making a million dollars. Traditional bookmakers and Paris markets do not offer this type of excitement and adrenaline rush. They just do not provide a betting pattern that can generate the potential returns of lotteries. But what if someone has to invent an innovative way to bet on football where players can win unlimited winnings, a million or more by betting a single dollar. A platform with a unique proposition of unlimited returns where players can present their betting skills and expertise to the community, but also gain status, privileges, the rewards, and bonuses for their commitment and their activity.

More information: www.goalbonanza.com